New York State Used Car Lemon Law

New York State Used Car Lemon Law

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Is your car a lemon? Frequently in and out of the repair shop? Maybe you got a defective vehicle after signing up for a bad deal from an online bargain finder auto. With the economy in a crunch, most people search for “Bad credit cars for sale near me” and turn to cheaper, repairable vehicles for sale. But chances are this type of car will give you headaches on the road and down the road.

You should always know what you are getting yourself into when it comes to bargain finder cars. In a world where everything is bargained for, people wanting to buy a car always wonder “is there a bargain car lots near me?” The answer is probably lots of them. However, should you purchase a used car, make sure the car dealer provides a warranty before closing the deal. That’s because should your car need repairs that give you financial headaches, the car dealer is required by law to repair it within a reasonable amount of time. If they fail to repair it, you are fully entitled to get your money back. If you want to know more about purchasing used cars keep scrolling.

Ny state laws

The last thing you want to do while looking for a used vehicle is buying a car or a truck that has a lot of mechanical problems. Luckily, the state of New York has a set of laws to protect consumers from lemon vehicles. The New York State used car lemon law protects people who purchase a vehicle that has too many mechanical problems. Consumers must get familiar with their rights to avoid dealing with a financial loss from junk vehicles. The New York State used car lemon law is specifically written to give consumers rights in the event a recent vehicle purchase has mechanical problems that a manufacturer refuses to repair.

Understanding how the New York State used care lemon law works is the first step towards realizing your rights as a consumer. First off, this type of law does not cover motorcycles or motor homes. Off road vehicles are also not covered under the lemon law. Commercial vehicles that have 100,000 miles or less qualify for the lemon law coverage. Finding information about the laws of New York State is a process that requires some research online. New york state laws posted on the state website or legal sites are valuable to people who want to get familiar with their rights.

New york state lemon laws do not apply to vehicles that cost less than 1,500 dollars. Most people do not realize the New York State used car lemon law only applies to vehicles that are purchased from a person or a business that sells at least 3 vehicles during the past 12 months. In other words, most vehicles purchased from a private party do not quality under the New York State used car lemon law. Another factor to pay attention to if you want coverage under the lemon law is warranty requirements.

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