5 Tips to Prepare for a Custody Evaluation

5 Tips to Prepare for a Custody Evaluation

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UPDATED 11/17/20

In most cases, family law attorneys serve to represent their clients in a divorce or issues related to divorce. Such matters may include the division of property by couples, child support, and custody as well as alimony.

Should you obey a court-ordered child visitation?

Any law-abiding citizen will follow the directive of the court. Just like in any other court case, custody and visitation rights should be strictly adhered to. This is the court’s permission to a non-custodial parent to visit his or her child or children. Child visitation may be extended to the grandparents too. On top of having a court ordered child visitation, the parents are required to come up with reasonable terms and visiting times that suit them best and the children.


How to come up with divorce custody agreements

A divorce is one of the most disturbing phases for children and parents. However, it can be made easy if the parent amicably decides on the most suitable ways to do it. The standard divorce custody agreement allows the parents to have fundamental rights and the least accepted period with the child. Such different custody arrangements give one parent physical custody while the other one is given visitation rights.

Many couples get married and have children together, hoping their love will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, not all marriages have this type of happy ending. Throughout the United States, over one million people learn that their parents are getting divorced each year. If a couple agrees on each divorce term, this process goes fast. Couples will rarely agree on everything during a divorce, especially in regards to who will obtain custody. If this happens, it can take months for a divorce to become final. Therefore, many divorcing couples find that they need a custody evaluation. Here are five tips to help you prepare for an upcoming custody evaluation.

  1. Be Upfront and Honest

    During a custody evaluation, you’ll be asked many questions. Considering everything that’s on the line during this evaluation, you might feel tempted to lie. However, this is one of the worst decisions to make during a custody evaluation. Many child custody evaluators will know how to spot a lie. If this professional catches you in a lie, it’s going to hurt your chances of obtaining custody.
  1. Understand the Seriousness of These Evaluations

    It’s imperative to understand custody evaluations are serious matters. This means you’ll want to avoid missing any of your meetings with a custody evaluator. Also, take plenty of time to prepare for these meetings. In turn, you’ll avoid making a bad impression by showing up late. Taking these evaluations seriously helps strengthen your case as a good parent.
  1. Take Time to Deep Clean Your Home

    Custody evaluators work to develop a deep understanding of your abilities as a parent. With that in mind, many custody evaluators will set up a meeting that takes place in your home. Before this happens, make sure the evaluator enters into a clean and organized property.
  1. Be Objective While Speaking About the Other Party

    You might that you need a custody evaluation to determine the other party’s ability to parent. During a custody evaluation, both parents will be asked about the other party in this divorce. Depending on the nature of your divorce, you might feel tempted to trash talk the other party. This might not make a good impression in the eyes of a custody evaluator. However, custody evaluators need to know if a parent is unfit. If you have legitimate concerns about the other parent, make sure you present evidence that backs up your claims.
  1. Bring Along a Notepad

    Understandably, many parents don’t have past experiences with custody evaluations. Therefore, you’re likely experiencing this for the first time. Considering that, it’s wise to bring along something to take notes with during your meetings. Many evaluators will want to meet with you several times. Also, these individuals might need you to obtain certain types of information. Having a notepad ensures you’re able to provide everything that an evaluator needs.

To summarize, it’s imperative to be ready for an upcoming child custody hearing. Dealing with a divorce is quite a difficult time. If you’re going through a divorce, it’s important to hire a compassionate and experienced attorney. You’ll also find that divorce attorneys are great sources of child custody help. Divorce lawyers can also help if you need a custody evaluation.

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