Four Ways A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You If You’ve Been In A Car Accident

Four Ways A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You If You’ve Been In A Car Accident

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When summertime comes around, there’s nothing better than driving down the highway with the top down, enjoying the sunshine and letting the wind blow through your hair without a care in the world.

As carefree as you might be feeling in such a moment as this, the odds of that moment changing from great to terrifying are surprisingly high. Why? Because accident, especially car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.

While the odds of dying in a car accident are only 1 in 645, your chances of being involved in one are greater. With more than 200 licensed drivers on the road in the United States, it’s estimated the average American drive is involved in nearly a handful of car accidents in their lifetime. Motor vehicle accidents account for 52% of all personal injury cases according to the US Department of Justice.

With so many drivers, there’s a lot of potential for personal injury to occur whether you’re talking about something minor or life-altering. Chances are good you’ve seen your share of ads for local personal injury lawyers, representing everyday people who have been involved in a car accident. They talk about how the personal injury attorney got them a huge settlement, completely changing their life.

You might have bypassed these ads without a thought, but the simple fact is that there may come a day when you need a personal injury attorney by your side. A personal injury attorney can help you deal with insurance companies if you have a claim and can guide you through the entire legal process if you have a strong case. Simply put, a personal injury attorney can go to work for you and offers many benefits:

  • Navigate the legal process: If you’ve been involved in a serious car accident, changes are good that your life may be changed forever if you’ve got life-altering injuries. More than 90% of personal injury cases are usually settled pretrial, but an experienced personal injury attorney has likely handled hundreds of personal injury cases and can help you navigate the legal jungle. An experienced personal injury lawyer will know all the ins-and-outs of your case, what questions to ask and how to set it up so that your case is airtight.
  • Motivation: Legal advice isn’t cheap, but attorneys who have experience helping car accident victims are motivated to help them. Why? Because in cases like these, they don’t get paid until you do, so rather than having the matter tied up in court, they’re motivated to get you fair compensation.
  • Get better compensation: If you’ve seen those law commercials previously mentioned, you’ve likely seen the parts where victims talk about how they got millions of dollars from a car accident case or a dog bite lawsuit. Your case might not end up exactly that way, but if you’ve got a strong case, a personal injury attorney can help you get every dime you deserve. If you’ve got serious injuries, you’re likely going to have medical bills and getting a fair settlement can help take care of some of those costs.
  • Going to trial: Most personal injury cases are settled pretrial, but a reputable and experienced lawyer won’t be afraid to take your case to trial if he or she thinks you’ve got a strong case that won’t lose. Most insurance companies are going to try and get you to settle a suit before anything ever goes to trial, but you shouldn’t be so easily swayed. An experienced personal injury attorney won’t be afraid to go to bat for you should your case go to trial and the confidence they show may force an insurance company’s hand and they might give in and give you the compensation you’re looking for.

Being seriously injured in a car accident can be a horrific, life-changing experience, changing your life in the blink of an eye. If you’ve been injured and want to pursue an insurance claim or a lawsuit, don’t hesitate to call a personal injury law firm. The lawyer you’re paired with will help you navigate the legal process and help you get the fair settlement you deserve.

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