Taking A Closer Look At Some Of The Most Common Personal Injury Cases In The United States

Taking A Closer Look At Some Of The Most Common Personal Injury Cases In The United States

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Personal injury cases come in all shapes and sizes, from car accident claims to the average wrongful death claim. Medical malpractice cases are also quite common, and even make up 15% of all personal injury cases. After all, errors even just with the dispensing of the proper medication can impact the lives of up to seven million people each and every year – and that’s just here in the United States alone.

But it is car and other such motor vehicle accidents, like motorcycle collisions, that make up the brunt of all personal injury cases. In fact, motorcycle collisions and car crashes and the like account for up to 52% of all personal injury cases seen throughout the country. After all, there are many preventable causes behind such motorcycle collisions and car accidents, causes that leave many such victims looking to file a personal injury claim in hopes of getting some kind of settlement money.

After all, from trucking accidents to the average motorcycle collision, up to six million motor vehicle accidents occur over the course of each and every year. And as any motorcycle accident attorney, truck accident lawyer, or car accident attorney can attest to, the injury rate is high. The data even shows that at least three million people will become injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident over the course of that same 12 month span of time. And while some of these injuries are certainly relatively minor, many are much more severe – even utterly life changing, as is often the case when paralysis results. As a matter of fact, motor vehicle accidents alone lead to as many as 35% of all spinal cord injuries sustained throughout the country.

This is even more common in the typical motorcycle collision. After all, motorcycle riders are much more likely to experience the detrimental impact of any given motor vehicle accident. As a matter of fact, they are even up to 28 times more likely to die in the event of an accident than a driver in a car or other such motor vehicle. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a wrongful death suit to result in the aftermath of a motorcycle collision, especially when the motorcycle collision was largely preventable.

One such preventable cause of the motorcycle collision and car accident alike is that of distracted driving. Distracted driving is becoming more and more prevalent with the rise of smart phones and various other types of technology and is certainly not something to be taken lightly. Unfortunately, even looking down at a phone for one second can lead to a car accident or even a motorcycle collision and the consequences of this one second can be truly immense.

In addition to driving while distracted, driving while intoxicated is a particularly huge problem is well, and one that is faced by all parts of the country and even outside of it as well, with drunk drivers posing a threat in many parts of this world in its entirety. After all, up to 300,000 people get behind the wheel while drunk each and every day, though less than 5,000 of these people will actually be caught and charged with a DUI. Unfortunately, the toll this takes is quite the high one, with up to 28 people losing their lives to drunk driving related incidents in this very same span of time. And countless others are injured in such events, with one injury as caused by a drunk driver occurring every two minutes.

Driving under the influence of a substance other than alcohol is also a problem. In fact, it is something that leads to more than 15% of all automobile accidents, including motorcycles collisions. Unfortunately, legal substances as well as illegal substances can cause these accidents, and so it is hugely important to make sure that you know how you react to any medication you have just started taking well before you get behind the wheel of a car or any other type of motor vehicle. After all, it is certainly far better to be safe than to be sorry.

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