A Good Lawyer For a Bad Injury

A Good Lawyer For a Bad Injury

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It is no secret that traveling on the road is dangerous. Whether operating a car or truck, riding a motorcycle, of if one is a pedestrian, there is always a risk of collision, accidents, and injury. When such a disaster happens, a personal injury law form must be contacted, and all the legal matters can be settled sensibly.

On the Road

Roads are potentially dangerous for anyone, but for young adults and those under the influence of drugs and alcohol, this is especially so. Motor vehicle accidents are no rarity; an estimated 32,166 fatal motor vehicle crashes occurred in the United States in 2015 alone, and the young are most vulnerable: around the world, over half of all road traffic deaths happen to those aged 15-44. Non-alcohol drugs, whether legal or not, are often involved, too, in about 16% of motor vehicle crashes. In 2015, 1.1 million drivers operating under the influence of narcotics or alcohol were arrested, and such substances can radically boost the chance of a collision or fatality, such as the classic “drunk driving.” Not even pedestrians are clear of the danger; of all pedestrian deaths, those aged 65 or over were 19% of pedestrian fatalities, and 13% of all injured pedestrians in 2015. It is clear, then, that the roads are risky, and injury and accidents happen. That is where a personal injury law form takes over.

A Personal Injury Attorney and You

Once someone has been injured in a motor vehicle-related incident, whether in a car or motorcycle or as a pedestrian, the time has come to contact an attorney. Getting hurt in a crash can often mean hefty medical bills and losing work due to crippling injuries, and a lawyer can help a client navigate those waters. According to McCormick and Murphy, attempting to resolve such a case without a lawyer can be very difficult, but hiring one is often worth the fees, and the process of working with one involves several steps. A personal injury lawyer understands the labyrinth of laws and procedures regarding injury and compensation from at-fault parties and insurance carriers, and some insurance companies might not even negotiate with a victim who does not have a lawyer assisting them. Once a client finds a lawyer with whom he/she trust and feels comfortable working with, the case can move forward.

Contacting a personal injury law firm is essential if the victim suffered injuries that disable him or her, especially if such injuries prevent him/her from working and earning an income. A personal injury attorney will understand how to calculate the monetary and professional loss this represents, and incorporate that into the case. Also, if multiple parties are involved, the matter becomes even more complicated, since the compensation money may come from or be distributed among several parties, and a personal injury law firm will have personnel who can handle that, too. In fact, some insurance companies may refuse compensation even if a client has an attorney, but that attorney may have the legal skills to negotiate compensation and put it on the fore of the discussion.

In short, although legal fees for a personal injury law firm may intimidate some, negotiating a personal injury case with an attorney makes the process much easier, and gets the client the proper compensation for any injuries they sustained.

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