Taking A Look At The Role Of DUI Attorneys

Taking A Look At The Role Of DUI Attorneys

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From duii lawyers to criminal defense law firms, the need for legal defense after the occurrence of a car accident is becoming more and more common in the United States. There are many reasons that car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents are caused, and it is true that not all of them are preventable (such as car accidents or motor vehicle accidents) but as there are now more than six million car and motor vehicle accidents in just the country of the United States alone over the span of time of just a single year, there are many reasons that cause car accidents that can actually be prevented in the vast majority of cases, as duii lawyers here in the United States know.

Car accidents caused by drunk driving or driving while otherwise intoxicated will most likely result in the need to hire a dui law firm and duii lawyers and criminal defense attorneys (as the victim of the accident is likely to file a personal injury suit against you, meaning that you would have to pay a great deal of settlement money – as much as twenty thousand after the typical DUI conviction – if you are found to be liable for the occurrence of the accident). Fortunately, the vast majority of duii lawyers and criminal defense attorneys are all too experienced in this area of the legal world, as the need for legal representation after driving while intoxicated is only growing in the country of the United States, as well as any number of other places all throughout the world as well. In fact, data has shown that the average drunk driver will drive drunk for a total of, on an average, eighty times before they are caught and charged with a DUI and will have a need for duii lawyers and criminal defense attorneys. On top of this, it is estimated that as many as – if not more than – three hundred thousand people drive drunk or otherwise intoxicated in the span of time of a single day here in the United States. Of these people, only around four thousand to five thousand of them will be pulled over and caught. This, of course, can lead to car accidents and car crashes all too frequently, and it has even been found, through recent data, that someone is likely to be injured or even killed in a car accident as frequently as every two minutes here in the country of the United States, let alone in many other countries all throughout the rest of the entirety of the world.

Aside from the need for duii lawyers and criminal defense attorneys, other lawyers and legal defense teams and criminal defense attorneys are also necessary in personal injury cases that are related to other types of driving related accidents. Driving while distracted, for instance, is a huge cause of car and other such motor vehicle accidents that can lead to fatalities and severe injuries. In fact, driving while distracted, such as while using an electronic device such as a cell phone, will make you up to three times more likely to be involved in a car crash – and the consequences that come with it. And driving while distracted has become even more commonplace than driving while drunk or driving while otherwise intoxicated. This can be solidified by the fact that as many as (if not even more than) six hundred thousand people are driving distracted right now in the United States, and at any other given moment of daylight that cars are on the road during any given day in this same country.

For people who have been stopped and apprehended with a DUI or DUII charge, hiring the right duii lawyers and criminal defense attorneys is nothing if not hugely important. These duii lawyers can provide you with the legal representation that you have a constitutional and god given right to, and having a legal representative or even more than one legal representative can be hugely helpful in the ultimate outcome of your case, even if it seems that the odds are stacked against you here in the United States.

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