Will You Need a Criminal Lawyer For Your DUI Defense?

Will You Need a Criminal Lawyer For Your DUI Defense?

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People drive under the influence everyday. These people are all ages and all walks of life. It is not the youngest drivers making a mistake, but oftentimes repeat offenders. If you are pulled over for driving while inebriated you will likely have many questions for what this will mean for your future. Here are a few facts that will prove helpful as you prepare to appear in court.

Do Defendants Need a DUI Lawyer to Appear In Court?

A drinking while intoxicated charge is always treated as a criminal offense. As such, it would be wise for defendants to research criminal attorneys who specialize in DUI defense.

Why Have a DUI Lawyer?

DUI defense is complicated. It is an ever-changing section of the law that requires skill to navigate successfully. The details of each case can determine if the defendant will be prosecuted, to what extent their punishment will be, and how it might effect their future. Experienced DUI lawyers know the key points in a case that can turn it in the defendants favor. For example, the police officer’s intent when pulling someone over, the questions that are asked, and the way the alcohol tests are administered all can effect the case.

Who Would Need to Worry About a DUI On Their Record?

As stated above, the people who drive while intoxicated come from all backgrounds. They are all ages. Thus, each person could have a different level of loss when it comes to being convicted of a DUI in criminal court. However the drivers who perhaps have the most to lose are the ones who are just starting out. The number of drivers on the road aged 21 and under make up only 5% of the total population. Yet they make up 11% of the drivers directly involved in fatal crashes where drugs and/ or alcohol played a role.

How Can a DUI Charge Effect a Driver’s Future?

As a DUI lawyer will tell you, a DUI charge is a criminal offense. Now a driver’s first conviction is usually a misdemeanor. But even a misdemeanor on one’s record is undesirable. This is why it can be helpful to have a skilled attorney on your side. A lawyer may not be able to make the case go away entirely, but they could be helpful in having the sentence reduced if the case results in a guilty verdict. They might be able to ask the judge about traffic school or other measures to keep the misdemeanor from negatively effecting the defendant’s driving record too much.

A DUI is a serious charge. Drinking and driving is never a good idea. Frighteningly enough, the drivers who are caught are usually repeat offenders. This will be revealed in criminal court. When you know that you cannot get yourself out of a difficult place, it is a smart move to seek guidance. An experienced DUI lawyer could prove to be helpful if you have multiple DUI convictions, or if this is your first time. With hard work, you could make it your last. Don’t be afraid to seek out help.

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