The Benefits of a Keynote Inspirational Speaker on Mediation

The Benefits of a Keynote Inspirational Speaker on Mediation

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Conflict is often at the center of a wide range of problems from divorce to workplace tension. There are a wide range of programs that can be implemented to help people work through conflict in a positive and productive way. For example, two-thirds of divorced couples who chose mediated divorce reported that they were satisfied with the results of the process.

There are approximately 2,400 divorces everyday in the United States, which is a great deal of conflict people are dealing with on a daily basis. Mediation can help these couples end their marriage peacefully, or in some cases avoid divorce all together. Working with a professional mediator can be highly beneficial and give participants personal skills that they can carry into their future relationships successfully.

In addition to people being happier with the results, divorce mediation is on average 40% to 60% less than divorce litigation. That is a significant percentage. While every situation is different due to its unique factors, there is an overall reduction in price. Mediators are less expensive than divorce lawyers and things are settled more peacefully.

Conflict can cause such a significant problem that many businesses and organizations will bring in a keynote inspirational speaker to teach employees positive conflict resolution in order to make the workplace more productive. Keynote inspirational speaker can be used to kick off a mediation workshop or event.

The average manager spends up to 40% of their time dealing with conflicts between employees. That is a significant portion of their workweek that could be used dealing with more pressing matters making the workplace more productive. In addition to increased productivity, there is also a notable decrease in expenses. Adopting conflict resolution process has proven to reduce litigation costs from 50% to 80% on average.

While the managers are trying to resolve conflicts, the average employee spends over two hours each week in conflict in the workplace. This includes conflict between employees and between employees and management. This is a result of an overall lack of conflict resolution skills. Research shows that 60% of employees never actually receive training in basic conflict management.

Once training is provided through classes, workshops, or a keynote inspirational speaker, almost all employees report that the training provided helped them to get through tough situations and conflicts with other employees.

Whether you are talking about the workplace or the home, conflict can be very destructive. Workplace conflict and workplace disputes cost money, add stress, and disrupt productivity. Conflict at home can lead to divorce, stress, and tension between family members. Much like mediating a divorce, mediating a family can help everyone feel heard and reduce the overall stress of the situation. It also gives each member of the family the tools needed to move forward.

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