Why We Have Today’s Equal Opportunity Laws

Why We Have Today’s Equal Opportunity Laws

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Fighting for injured workers

Workplaces must work to accommodate employees or those who are initially applying for a job. However, you may not have known that, if you are injured in the workplace and want to return to your job, your employer may have to accommodate you in these situations as well to ensure that you can properly return to your job or receive a job that works to suit your needs. Many people do not know that equal opportunity laws exist in every state to give you a chance after a personal injury or personal disability has changed your life forever.

When Equal Opportunity Laws Will Help You

If you have a disability, an employer is not allowed to discriminate against you. This is extremely helpful for you to know if a job has left you disabled, as personal injuries in the workplace are on the rise. Many employers do not accommodate employees as well as they could, even attempting to rip them off when it comes to workers’ compensation benefits, leaving them high and dry. In fact, studies have shown that employers are already known to be covering their workers with the lowest rates for workers’ compensation possible.

Also, discrimination is happening on a daily basis, making it difficult for workers with disabilities to receive help when they need it the most. In fact, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that there were approximately 90,000 workplace discrimination charges filed in 2015, with just over 30% being due to those with disabilities. It is very unfortunate that this occurs, as those with disabilities find themselves in positions where they need to work, too. Injuries are causing more disabilities because employers fail to keep their workplaces safe, which is where the issue tends to begin. Some of the deadliest injuries that wreak havoc in a variety of workplaces include falls, slips, and trips, and objects with other equipment. They could leave a worker with permanent injures that follow them through life.

In America, luckily, there are many organizations that help you maintain your rights as an employee with a disability when you believe that you are being discriminated against by your employer. For instance, the Americans with Disabilities Act protects those with disabilities on many levels and ensures that, if you are still able to perform the essentials of a job, you should be permitted to maintain your employment and an employer cannot stop you from doing so without other reasons. They are constantly fighting for injured workers. Equal opportunity laws protect you if you were injured in an accident and now sustain a permanent disability but believe you should be entitled to work, just as any other worker would under the same circumstances.

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