You’re Not Alone How You Can Get Out Of An Abusive Household With The Help Of An Attorney

You’re Not Alone How You Can Get Out Of An Abusive Household With The Help Of An Attorney

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Domestic violence is not your fault. This is one of the most debilitating stigmas that keeps millions of Americans from seeking the help they need to leave an abusive situation, putting both themselves and children at risk for further violence and neglect. When you’ve realized you can no longer stay with a significant other and need a way out, attorneys for domestic violence cases are there to help you. Applying for a restraining order, attending hearings and assisting with child custody are just a few of the resources they can offer you in this trying time. Read below to learn more about what attorneys for domestic violence cases can do and where to get started when your options seem like they’re shrinking.

The Definition Of Abuse

It is common for victims to blame themselves for abuse. This is a common tactic employed by abusers to encourage a cycle of poor behavior, enabling them to continue in neglecting and abusing family members with impunity. Common signs you are in an abusive relationship include feeling unsafe with sharing your true feelings on everyday matters, controlling behavior, physical violence, sexual assault, emotional manipulation, emotional coercion, constant fear and dishonesty. Should these apply to you, a criminal defense lawyer or domestic violence attorney is the first resource you should turn to.

Domestic Violence In America

You’re not alone. A rampant issue in the United States is that of domestic violence. Studies show one out of four women on average will experience some form of domestic violence during her lifetime, be it emotional abuse, physical abuse or both. Two out of three female homicide cases saw women being killed by either a family member or an intimate partner, both of which they were dependent on financially. The highest level of legal representation should be on your side when attempting to leave an abusive home, providing you with every last resource you need to get out safely and quickly.

Child Custody And Neglect

If you have children under your care, it’s understandable to be worried about their safety should you choose to seek out the aid of attorneys for domestic violence cases. The first thing you want is to make sure they’re out of a poor situation and somewhere safe where they can thrive. Studies have shown more than three million children will witness domestic violence in their homes on a yearly basis, often facing high rates of abuse or neglect as well. A compassionate lawyer will walk you through the process of receiving child custody as well as assistance for emotional disorder brought on by abuse.

Mental And Emotional Wellness

A common side-effect of abuse is that of mental illness and emotional degradation. Symptoms of depression and anxiety are all normal side-effects to experience after struggling with domestic violence. These can include, but are not limited to, fatigue, racing thoughts, sweaty palms, back pain, trouble sleeping, feelings of hopelessness and turning to substances to cope.

Seeking Out Attorneys For Domestic Violence Cases

When you risk a wrongful conviction or a lack of resources during a dangerous period, it’s imperative you seek out the appropriate help when faced with domestic violence. Studies have shown around 10,000 people in the United States will be wrongfully convicted of serious crimes every single year. Additionally, a collective 3,944 years have been served by innocent people across the country. Domestic violence cases have many factors to consider in order to ensure the safety of victims and their children, making a caring lawyer your most flexible tool on your way to a better life. Contact your local law firm and ask how a domestic violence attorney can help you today.

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