Why You Can’t Afford to Not Hire a DUI Attorney

Why You Can’t Afford to Not Hire a DUI Attorney

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Did you know that more than 1.1 million people in Ohio, about one in every seven licensed drivers in the state, has at least one conviction for driving while impaired? People make mistakes, and if you are facing a DUI, felonies or misdemeanor charges, you are not alone. The important thing is to admit that you made a mistake and then begin working towards your case. You do not want one mistake to ruin the rest of your life, which is possible with DUI felonies. You will want to hire the best DUI attorney you can find. Otherwise, you may be faced with the following consequences.

Expensive fines and charges Driving under the influence charges often result in very expensive fines and charges. Your initial fine may be a couple hundred dollars, but there is generally much more. If you are required to take any alcohol or substance abuse classes, you will have to pay for those out of pocket. You may also have to pay for a probation office and for community service charges, depending on your specific charge. Hiring a DUI attorney who is familiar with DUI felonies can actually reduce your amount owed, making the cost of the DUI DWI attorney well worth it.

Suspended or revoked driver?s license Depending on the details of your case and the specific state that you reside in, it is possible that your driver?s license can be suspended or revoked. This can be extremely costly to those who have to transport children to and from school and other events. It can also be detrimental to those with jobs that require them to have a driver?s license. Others may not have any other way to get to their place of employment, often forcing them to quit their job. A DUI offense in Ohio can result in license suspension for anywhere from six months to three years.

You may lose your job Even if you are able to keep your driver?s license, it is still possible that you could lose your job. Without proper representation, you may be left with DUI felonies charges are your record. A felony is enough to not hire, and in some cases, to terminate an employee. Once you are terminated, you will find it especially difficult to find new employment as you now are required to notify potential employers of your DUI felony on your record. A felony also prevents you from working in certain fields, such as legal, education, and city and state departments.

Other felony consequences A felony does not only prevent you from gaining certain types of employment, it can also affect other parts of your life. In some states, for example, you are not able to carry a weapon, even with proper training. You may also never have the ability to obtain a medical marijuana card, regardless of your medical needs. Some housing tenants can also turn you down. You will find that your felony follows you in many different ways.

Higher insurance rates If your DUI involved an accident, your insurance rates will already increase. If they are notified that there was alcohol involved, they will increase even more. It will even be difficult to switch auto insurance carriers, as you now have to notify them of your felony DUI charge. An accident attorney Ohio may be needed when an accident is a part of the DUI charge. The DUI laws by state vary, but in many cases, auto insurance is required, and you will see significant price increases

DUI charges can affect your life in many ways. If you do not hire representation, you will find that you do not stand a chance in reducing your legal sentence. Charges of DUI, DWI, or OVI require an experienced attorney to protect your rights and take appropriate action to limit the consequences you face. With consequences such as losing your job, paying thousands in fines, being unemployable, increasing your auto insurance rates, and carrying a felony around being possible, you cannot afford to not hire qualified representation for your DUI felony charge.

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