3 Things You Should Do If You’re Injured At Work

3 Things You Should Do If You’re Injured At Work

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Above all, your work environment should be a safe and secure one. But all too often, employees are injured on the job. In fact, 85% of worker’s compensation claims are due to something as simple as slipping on a slick floor. In reality, such falls are often anything but simple: slip and falls account for over 1 million emergency room visits, and 22% of slip/fall incidents resulted in more than a month away from work. Most Americans cannot afford expensive trips to the ER or extended time away from work due to a job site injury. A work injury attorney can help guide you through the process, which can be complicated. If you become injured on the job, here are three things you should do:

  1. Report the incident
    Whether or not you require medical attention for your work injury, you should immediately report the incident to a supervisor, preferably in writing. Even though some states require only verbal notice, any work related injury attorney will tell you that it’s better to have a written account of the event and subsequent injury. Some states have different statutes on how soon the incident can be filed, so do not delay in reporting. Your employer will provide you with a claim form to fill out; complete it, hand it in and keep a copy for your records.
  2. See a doctor
    Seek medical attention if your work related injury requires it. After filing your incident, you are typically required to see a doctor to evaluate the injury; sometimes you’re allowed to see your own doctor, but other states state that you must see a doctor through your company’s worker’s compensation insurance. The doctor’s findings will have an impact on the benefits you will receive through worker’s compensation. If you feel the physician has minimized your injury, you can seek a second opinion.
  3. Contact a work injury attorney
    Depending on the circumstances, work injury cases can be complicated and difficult to understand. A work injury lawyer will help you through all the necessary steps and can explain any points about which you might have questions. Work compensation coverage can vary from state to state, as well as business to business, and because every incident is different, a work injury attorney can ensure you are receiving the benefits to which you are entitled.

Being injured on the job can be a scary and confusing time, but as long as you follow the steps above, you’ll be well on your way to having your health costs covered — and you’ll be back to work in no time.

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