Do I Need a Patent Attorney to Apply for a Patent?

Do I Need a Patent Attorney to Apply for a Patent?

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In the last two decades, patent applications have increased in number to over 520,000 annually. It seems like everyone and their brother is applying for a patent these days, and if you’re one of the people trying your hand, then you may need a little bit of help.

So your invention worked! Congratulations, it’s time to apply for a patent. But how much do you know about patent law? Could you actually apply for the patent yourself, or should you hire a patent lawyer to help you?

The truth is that you can, in fact, apply for a patent without the help of any patent lawyers. As an inventor, you’re able to submit a patent application for your very own invention, but is it really the best idea?

Writing a patent is difficult. Some may see it as a challenge, but any practical inventor will know that submitting a patent without an experienced patent attorney isn’t usually described as a fun experience.

Not only do you have to convey all of the technical details of your invention, you also have to apply for the kind of patent that will protect your million-dollar idea. Patent law is a highly technical legal field about highly technical subjects. Even if your invention is technically simple and you know every detail, writing a patent yourself can be risky.

If you’re absolutely set on doing everything yourself, you should at least have someone who is versed in either intellectual property law or patent law to take a look at what you have. Odds are that once you hear their feedback, you’ll want to hire them for more help.

Finding a patent attorney is easier now than in the past, as the internet has widened the scope of things quite a bit. However, in your search for a patent lawyer or dependable information, you should make a few calls and check on references before signing anything or paying money.

Protecting your invention is a patent lawyer’s job, and the job should be done with as much care as if you were to do it yourself.

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