Why You Need to Hire an Attorney for Your Case

Why You Need to Hire an Attorney for Your Case

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Family law attorney

If you need a family attorney, you?re likely dealing with some fairly serious issues. In 2012, about 4.1 million adults were either on probation or just getting off of it. The reality is that getting in trouble with the law is sometimes easier than you think. And it can often be the result of factors outside of your control. If you miss numerous payments on a medical bill or child support because you?ve lost your job or had a long illness — you might need an attorney. If you made the decision to drive drunk, and got caught — you might need an attorney. If you smoked weed in a state where it isn?t legal (yet) — you may need an attorney.

So, what should you keep in mind if this is the case?

Find an Attorney and Likely Serve Less Time

Whether it?s fair or not, it helps to have a qualified individual on your side in a court of law. Attorneys know exactly what they can and can?t ask for when it comes to plea deals and bargains. An attorney can be the difference between serving one year on probation with volunteer service, and two years in jail. Considering how much your life could be potentially impacted by two years in jail (lost wages, lost job history, little contact with your family, loss of personal freedom, etc.), a family attorney is easily worth the price considering what they might be capable of getting you.

What are DUI Consequences?

The consequences of DUI are wide ranging and depend on everything from the arrest (were you simply swerving, or did you hit someone and cause an injury?), where you live (some states are more strict than others), whether or not it is your first offense, etc. Without a doubt, the consequences can be fairly serious and involve fines of $1,000 or more, jail time, community service time, and more. For this reason it is imperative to hire a drunk driving attorney. They can make sure your case is handled fairly and advocate for your defense. They can point out whether there were other issues surrounding the arrest (the breathalyzer can often be off in its measurement, for example).

How to Choose a Family Lawyer

No matter why you need a lawyer, you need to look for one with a lot of experience in their particular field. Do they have a good track record? Do they come recommended by other clients? How many people will be handling your case (are there assistants who primarily handle it, or is it the lawyer themselves)? Will they do necessary research on your behalf?

There are many ways to choose a good family attorney. Let us know any suggestions you have!

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