Grounds for Divorce

Grounds for Divorce

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While all states allow you to get a divorce without cause but just in case, legal aid for divorce would recommend that you are able to verbally communicate your reasoning.

Keep in mind that each state has different names for the grounds of divorce but all states recognize some form of no-fault divorce which means that you do not actually require a show of wrongdoing by either party.

Below is a list of some general examples for grounds for divorce.

Sexual harassment Sexual harassment is any kind of unwelcome or inappropriate bullying or coercion of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment is illegal whether it be at work or at home.

Adultery This is defined as sex between a married person someone who is not their spouse. While adultery itself is not a criminal offense in some places, it is grounds for divorce.

Alcoholism If your spouse has an alcohol use disorder that is resulting in problems in his life, yours or your children this is also grounds for divorce. Alcohol abuse can lead to violence, loss of work and criminal activity.

Disability When someone has a disability they may be impaired either physically, mentally, emotionally, or developmentally or any combination of these. Disability could be present from birth but generally if it is a cause for divorce it is happened during the person’s lifetime.

Desertion Desertion is the abandonment of duty without permission to leave and generally when it happens it is with the intention of not coming back.

Imprisonment If a spouse has been imprisoned for any cause whatsoever, whether false imprisonment or not, the other spouse may divorce them as long as they are found guilty by a judge and jury.

Domestic violence Legal aid for divorce describes domestic violence as a habitual behavior involving either physical or emotional abuse knitted by someone living in the home against someone else living in the home.

If you are filing divorce papers for any of these reasons. Even though these are official grounds for divorce you would still need a divorce lawyer. Ask a family lawyer any questions you may have to receive divorce help if you are thinking of it as a possibility before going forward with the process. Involving legal aid for divorce is always a good idea right from the very beginning instead of waiting until you come up against an obstacle. Having a lawyer understand everything from the start will make it much easier for them to help the result to come out on your side. There are times when the divorce will be contested and the lawyer will need to know before that happens. Chances are the attorney will be able to predict if it will be contested simply by knowing you and your soon to be ex spouse and be ready to combat the objection as soon as it comes across his or her desk.

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