How to Beat Your Traffic Ticket

How to Beat Your Traffic Ticket

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Drunk driving defense attorney

We live in a time when workers are expected to have a reliable form of transportation. Driving a car has become an unofficial rite of passage here in the U.S. that most of the adult population has a driver’s license. Since there are so many motorists on the road, it is likely that you may need legal aid at some point due to a felony or speeding ticket. If you need representation for any of the following, contact a traffic ticket attorney to beat your ticket!

Driving Unlicensed

There are nearly 200 million licensed drivers in the United States. Thanks to the legal system, law enforcement can monitor these drivers based on past offences and location. The American Automotive Association has found that unlicensed drivers are 66% more likely to be involved in a hit and run offense than a licensed driver. Fighting a traffic ticket or red light violation is a fairly routine procedure that can be resolved quickly with the help of a an attorney.


Every night, there are some people who have a bit too much, and make the decision to drive home regardless. Most of these people get home safely, but those who push fate enough eventually get caught, or do something much worse. Law enforcement issues a DUI when the driver’s blood alcohol concentration is .08 grams per deciliter (g/dL) or higher. A DUI defense attorney can help you convince the judge that you can learn from your mistakes — it may be your only chance to beat your ticket.

Auto Injury

In 2012 there were up to 30,800 fatal vehicle crashes in the U.S. that claimed the lives of 33,561 victims. Nearly one out of every three people know someone that was injured or killed in a red light running crash. Up to 11% of these crashes will involve a fleeing driver according to the American Automobile Association. If you believe you are entitled to financial compensation, contact a legal specialist and get the cash you deserve.
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