Lost Someone You Love To A Car Accident? Read This

Lost Someone You Love To A Car Accident? Read This

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Attorney for car accident

If you have lost someone you love to a car accident, you are not alone. In the U.S., car accidents resulting in death range from 40,000 to as high as 1 million each year, and these statistics don’t show any signs of abating. To make matters worse, nearly 50% of these losses occurred amongst young adults, who could have potentially gone on to live full lives for decades.

A lot of the time, these types of accidents result in criminal charges being brought against one of the drivers–and often, these charges simply don’t stick. Fortunately, loved ones still have the option of hiring an attorney at law in order to pursue what’s known as a wrongful death cases.

“What is a wrongful death case?”
Wrongful death cases utilize the civil branch of our judicial system instead of the criminal branch in order to hold someone liable for an unjust death. While these sorts of cases don’t end in any punitive charges such as jail time for the defendant, wrongful death settlements can equal into the millions and can go a long way in helping the loved ones of the wrongfully deceased get back on their feet and move on.

“How common are wrongful death cases related to car accidents?
The most common wrongful death cases are usually malpractice cases against physicians. However it is perfectly possible to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver of a car and win depending on the circumstances. Wrongful death lawyers will be able to talk you through the specifics of your case at a consultation, but one common wrongful death case related to car accidents involves blood alcohol level. Some state laws indicate a BAC that is legally permissible for driving. However, if a driver operating a vehicle with any BAC at all killed someone you love, you just might have a viable civil suit.

“What steps do I need to take to pursue a wrongful death case?”
The first step would definitely be to research wrongful death lawyers in your area. Make sure to pick one with a FREE consultation and do a little research into the law firm’s reputation. Then gather up as much hard evidence as you can find as well as any news reports of the incident and present them during a consultation.

Be sure to comment below and keep us updated on your story. You’ve been through a terrible ordeal, but hopefully you’ll be able to find some semblance of justice through this alternative legal avenue.

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