Before You Say Yes to Bottoms Up, You Might Want to Lawyer Up

Before You Say Yes to Bottoms Up, You Might Want to Lawyer Up

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Reckless driving ticket california

It’s a typical Friday evening and you’re watching the time slowly tick away on the clock like a hawk. Your nose is on the grindstone and your fingers are furiously typing away on the keyboard as you complete your work for the day before quitting time. It’s been a long week, and after five days of hard work, you’re ready to turn up with your friends and hit the bars.

After a fun — and much needed — evening of hanging out with your friends, you decide to call it quits, throw in the towel, and head home. While you’re car’s stereo is bumping the latest Taylor Swift tune, you suddenly see a flash of blue and red lights appear in your rear view mirror and your heart stops: it’s the fuzz. Talk about a buzz.

In that split second, a million thoughts race through your mind as you see the officer slowly walking towards the driver side of your car, flashlight in hand. Next thing you know, you’re facing multiple misdemeanor traffic offenses and maybe even a felony for driving under the influence. What a Friday night!

Whether you’ve been hit with red light violations, a ticket for driving with a suspended license, or a hit and run ticket — which is considered a felony traffic violation — it’s important to know and understand your rights by “lawyering up” as soon as possible. This is especially necessary for felony traffic violations in which you may actually face jail time.

While we always like to think of the police as good guys — after all, they’re meant to serve and protect — they’re humans, too. Police officers are simply trying to do their job just like you, however, they often rely on the public’s ignorance in regards to arrest procedures and traffic violations. Remember, you are always innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. While navigating the legal system can be confusing, a lawyer can ensure justice is served and on your side.

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