Three of the Zaniest Personal Injury Claims You Won’t Believe Really Happened

Three of the Zaniest Personal Injury Claims You Won’t Believe Really Happened

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As any and all personal injury attorneys will tell you, there’s always a story to a personal injury claim. Here are a few of the zaniest injuries you won’t believe people actually sought compensation for.

Haunted House Horrified Her Heart.

In 2000, Cleanthi Peters and her personal injury lawyers sued Universal Studios to tune of $15,000, because the theme park’s haunted house was too scary. According to her personal injury claim, she suffered mental anguish, extreme fear, and emotional distress because of the Halloween Horror Nights haunted house. If anything, her personal injury claim makes it sort of sound like she got her money’s worth out of it.

Bathroom Blues Bummed Bloke.

A man once tried to sue Jack Murphy Stadium and the city of San Diego for, as his personal injury claim says, emotional and physical distress caused by having to hold it. While attending a Billy Joel and Elton John concert, he had to answer the call of nature. However, their unisex bathroom policy made him uncomfortable to the point where he couldn’t use the restroom, and so he had to, as his personal injury claim says, hold it in. As you might have expected, he lost the $5.2 million suit.

Dead Dog Depresses Driver.

Back in 2003, Andrew Burnett sued Sara McBurnett and the San Jose Mercury News while serving a three-year sentence for having killed McBurnett’s dog in a fit of road rage. The reason he decided to litigate the poor woman, further terrorizing her, was because the incident, he claimed, caused him to suffer mental anguish and post traumatic stress disorder. Naturally, the case was thrown out.

And to think, these are just a few of the craziest personal injury claims out there. If you know of any others, feel free to share in the comments. To learn more, read this.

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