Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer?

Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer?

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You might think that the only time to ask yourself, “do I need an immigration lawyer,” is if you were planning on immigrating. However, an immigration attorney is needed more often than you’d think. Here are some situations you may find yourself asking “do I need an immigration lawyer?”

1. For Legal Advice.

One of the main reasons people find themselves asking “do I need an immigration lawyer” is because they have little to no knowledge of laws regarding immigrants. Although sometimes you may not need their services, immigration attorneys can dispense advise on international matters, and help guide people through processes, like how to apply for marriage visas or how to get a green card.

2. For a Green Card.

Now that it’s mentioned, what is a green card? You see, a green card is a permit that allows a foreign national to permanently live and work in the country. Some might not see the appeal of a green card, as they think it’d just be easier to immigrate. However, some people may have to move to another country for work or for their family, though they’d probably rather not. Thusly, having a green card allows a national to return home and visit much easier.

So, do I need an immigration lawyer to get a green card? Not necessarily, but having the services of a legal professional can only help. There are also some cases that are also more complicated, and will definitely require an immigration lawyer’s help.

3. For a Marriage Visa.

You can’t help whom you fall in love with, and sometimes your soul mate is from another country. It happens more often than you’d think. However, you may ask, “what is a marriage visa” or “do I need an immigration lawyer for a marriage visa?” Again, not necessarily–but it will definitely make the process easier, faster and more likely to succeed. An immigration attorney can secure safe passage for your spouse or fiance. Get more here.

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