How One Particular New York State Law Affects Drivers

How One Particular New York State Law Affects Drivers

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Lemon law new york state

Not every New York state law has to do with used and new car laws, but there are quite a handful of these New York state laws that will focus almost exclusively on this segment. Most of this is because New York is such a large state and because the city of Manhattan and its sister boroughs take up an extremely large section of the overall state population, but some of it has to do more with past experiences that people have had with buying used and sometimes even new cars from New York based dealerships.

To set the record straight and to help clear up any confusion that folks may have about these New York state lemon laws, here is somewhat of a primer on this subject. There is more than one New York state lemon law, however, so this article aims to present more of an overview of this New York state law rather than delve into the real specifics of this New York state law. It details mostly the benefits that New York residents have simply by having a NY state law like this in place.

Because this New York state law is in effect and has been for years, no car dealership can legally sell a used vehicle that has any inefficiencies or things that make it unsafe for drivers, at least not without legal repercussions. For years, people were buying older cars that were considered in good condition, but they eventually or very quickly found out that these cars were in effect lemons, which meant they were not really road worthy. Now, with this New York state used car lemon law in place, consumers are far more protected and have recourse when they find that they have purchased an older vehicle, or perhaps even a newer one, that feels like it is going to break down right after they leave the lot.

Under specifics of this New York state law, the manufacturer or dealer is entirely responsible for the payments to repair the car and get it back into normal working condition. This law both protects consumers and discourages dealerships from selling these vehicles. It used to be easier for them in the past before this New York state law took effect. But now that it is there and in stone, consumers have stronger chances for getting high quality vehicles for their hard earned money.

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