New York State Lemon Law Can Protect You From Unscrupulous Dealers

New York State Lemon Law Can Protect You From Unscrupulous Dealers

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New york state lemon laws

The New York state lemon law is amongst the toughest in the country. The lemon law of New York state applies to both new and used cars. When you file a claim under any of the New york state lemon laws, either the manufacturer or he dealer must pay both the costs and attorneys fees resulting from your lemon law New York state claim.

The laws of New York State provide justice for people who are buyers or lessees of used or news cars that are discovered to be lemons. The New York State Lemon law states that dealers must give consumers a written warranty upon purchase or lease of a car. According to NY state law, this warranty requires that dealers have to repair any defect in covered parts for no cost to the customer. Should the dealer come to the conclusion that he is unable to repair the car after several tries, New York state law mandates that the consumer must be presented with a full refund of the cost of the car.

If you believe that you are a victim of violations of the New York State Lemon Law, you should consider calling an attorney who can help you get justice and the money you deserve. Your lawyer will gladly explain to you the fine print of the New York State Lemon Law and will help to determine whether it applies to you. There is nothing worse than feeling like you have been swindled by an unscrupulous dealer, and a good lawyer can help you get everything you deserve under the New York State Lemon law.

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