What to Do if Your Car is a Lemon

What to Do if Your Car is a Lemon

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New york state used car lemon law

When one hears the term lemon law New York state, you automatically think of a car buying deal that went sour. The reason it went sour is because the car you just bought already broke down on you and you have only had it for 20 days. The dealer will not fix it for you. They have some lame excuse that the problem is not covered under warranty. What do you do then? Suck it up and pay the price for repairs while experiencing the taste of sour lemons in your mouth? Or, do you apply NY state laws that are in place to protect the consumer. The state legislature have passed the New york state lemon laws because the problem was getting so far out of hand that they had to do something. Thankfully, now the laws of New York state prevent residents from losing everything because they bought a car or truck that turned out to be a lemon.

Before NY state laws can help the auto buyer though, you have to give the dealer a reasonable amount of time to fix the problem. If the dealer cannot fix the problem then the dealer should offer to buy the car back or replace it with another one of equal value. NY state laws give the consumer 2 years or 18,000 miles to discover any problems with the car they bought. If during that time the consumer has to take the car in 4 times for one problem and the car is out of service for a warranty repair for more than 30 days, the NY state laws about buying a lemon apply. If the dealer refuses to fix the car, NY state laws apply. Usually in cases like these the dealer will say they cannot find anything wrong with the car, but the car buyer complains that there is something definitely wrong.

If the car buyer has to hire an attorney, they can have their attorney fees reimbursed according to the New york state laws. Extended warranties that the consumer bought are not reimbursable though. Are you unhappy with the car you just bought? Is it in the shop for repairs more than in your garage where you have use of it? Find out more about what your rights are by talking to a qualified attorney today. This is the biggest reason you should hire a lemon law attorney. They know what your rights are and will make sure they are protected.

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