Bought a Lemon? NY State Law Can Protect You!

Bought a Lemon? NY State Law Can Protect You!

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Laws of new york state

If you have purchased what you thought would be your dream car and it has instead become a nightmare, all is not lost. New york state lemon laws are in place to protect you. The New York State Used Car Lemon Law provides a legal solution to those used car customers who have bought or leased a used vehicle only to discover that the vehicle is actually a piece of junk.

One requirement of this Ny state law mandates that dealers provide consumers with a written warranty when vehicles are purchased. This warranty demands that dealers must repair defective vehicles for free. NY State law asserts that should the dealer find that he is incapable of repairing the automobile after several tries, he must give the owner a full refund. This warranty covers several aspects of the vehicle. For example, lubricated parts of the engine as well as the water pump, manifolds, rotary engine, fuel pump, flywheel, engine block, cylinder head, and housings are covered. The NY state law warranty requirement also covers the transmission case and torque converter, as well as the front and rear axle housings and associated internal parts, propeller shafts, universal joints, and axle shafts. Other aspects of your car covered by NY state law are associated with the brakes, such as the master cylinder, hydraulic lines and fittings, vacuum assist booster, wheel cylinders, and disc brake calipers. So to are steering related parts covered by the NY State law. For instance, the steering gear housing, power steering pump, piston, valve body, and rack are covered under the warranty protections of NY state law.

How do you know if the lemon laws of New York state cover your vehicle? Your automobile is covered under this New York State law if the car was bought from a New York state dealer, the car is valued at 1,500 dollars or more, the car had less than 100,000 miles on it when it was purchased, and the car was bought for the personal, rather than business, use of its owner.

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