Why You Need a Tax Lawyer

Why You Need a Tax Lawyer

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Tax lawyer in philadelphia

You may be wondering why you should hire a Philadelphia tax lawyer. After all, you may be thinking that a Philadelphia tax attorney is greedy, fickle and vain. Whether this is true or not is subject to debate. What is true is that a Philadelphia tax lawyer can protect against inanities of the tax system. For instance, Chicago taxes nine percent for foutain soda drinks, but only three percent for bottled soda. More disturbingly, 43 states and several municipalities charge income taxes. You need a Philadelphia tax lawyer to wade through this all.

Perhaps no one needs a Philadelphia tax lawyer more than when they deal with the IRS. The federal tax collection agency, the IRS prints eight billion pages of forms and instructions every year. The simplest form, the 1040EZ, still has 33 pages of instructions. It is easy to incur tax penalties and the wrath of the IRS.

You can hire a tax attorney philadelphia offers before it is too late. The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution forbids property seizure without due process. The IRS therefore must serve you a letter notifying you of a levy. In that case, a tax lawyer Philadelphia offers makes a great ally. Read more blogs like this.

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