How We Can Stop IRS Wage Garnishment

How We Can Stop IRS Wage Garnishment

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Stop irs wage garnishment

When the states ratified the 16th amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1913, they meant to let the federal government levy and collect income taxes. None of the states envisioned that the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, would resort to such draconian punishments as wage garnishments. You can stop irs garnishment. Through civil activism and joining with others, you can stop wage garnishment once and for all.

Before you can stop IRS garnishment, you need to understand what wage garnishment is. Garnishment refers to the IRS practice where your employer must withhold a paycheck from you, and turn it over to the IRS. This reduces your take home pay, even if you depend on it. That is why it is so important to stop IRS garnishment.

Do you know how to stop irs wage garnishment? The best way to stop IRS garnishment is writing to your Congressman. Let your Congressman know that wage garnishment is an unfair practice that hurts communities. Ask them to sponsor or cosponsor legislation to stop IRS garnishment.

Many wonder how can I stop wage garnishment. The answer begins with you. Tell your elected officials you oppose wage garnishment in any form.

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