The Rights Every Resident Has With The New York State Lemon Law

The Rights Every Resident Has With The New York State Lemon Law

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New york state law

Among the thousands of laws of new york state is the one dealing with used cars. Under the New York State Lemon Law, anyone who leases or purchases a new or used moving vehicle has legal rights if that vehicle turns out to be a certified lemon, or bum vehicle. The law is of course designed to protect people making these kinds of purchases, and its intent is also to help stop sellers of these vehicles, including vehicle dealerships, from selling and leasing these damaged vehicles and lying about their condition.

The New York State Lemon Law is pretty iron clad because it adheres strictly to the contract or agreement developed between the two parties (the seller and the lessee or the purchaser) and follows these agreements down to the letter. Therefore, if a vehicle (which could include a motorized wheelchair) does not perform as promised in the warranty or in the original agreement, the person who bought or leased the vehicle can rightfully sue the seller. This New York state law has been put to the test over and over again as some dealerships and dealers have ignored the New York State Lemon Law, but among all the New york state laws this one tends to be along the one that is more followed. Dealers largely are coming around to changing their ways because of the financial consequences of being sued for selling a knowingly beat up vehicle to an uninformed buyer.

Because this is official a NY state law, the state’s attorney general’s office steps in to assist these purchasers when problems come up and lemons are discovered. There are forms that can easily be filled out online where people can apply to be considered for a law arbitration package in which they can fight against their sellers. They additionally can look up the stipulations of the New York State Lemon Law and how they would go about filling out such paperwork and the guidelines under which people are considered. The state, for instance, will not simply allow anyone who has purchased or leased a vehicle recently to instantly take action. Instead, these buyers and lessees must help to prove that their vehicles are in fact lemons. Overall, though, this New York state used car lemon law has proved pretty effective then for nipping selling bad vehicles in the bud, with more unhappy customers protecting themselves against the New York State Lemon Law than ever.

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