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Pros and Cons of Utilizing Bail Bonds Agencies

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If you or someone you know has been arrested and awaiting trial to commence, they may have the option of being bailed out until a verdict is delivered. A judge will want to know why do you need bail in order to even start the process, so you will want to have an answer to the question “why do you need bail” before you even attempting to petition the court for bail. Utilizing bail bonds has advantages and disadvantages. It can be challenging to pick a bail bond company because there are so many bail bond services that are being offered. The points below are some pros and cons to utilizing bail bonds in the first place.


  1. Being able to leave jail. This is the most obvious advantage. No one wants to stay in custody or jail while their case in being considered. Even on bail

A Growing Number of Personal Injury Cases Linked to NY Correctional Facilities

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When we think of personal injury claims, it?s usually the typical filings that spring to mind — injuries as the result of car accidents, slip and fall accidents, et cetera. What many people may not be thinking about is what happens in correctional facilities — yet a recent report by The New York Times indicates it?s a growing problem.

A Surge in Violence at New York Correctional Facilities

According to city comptroller Scott M. Stringer, there?s been a surge in personal injury claims filed against New York City for incidents taking place at the Rikers Island jail complex, as well as several other city facilities. In most situations, the claims were the result of violent scu

Am I Legally Required to Disclose the Condition of My Home? Why Sellers Should Complete Repairs

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Every house is different, and in the course of everyday life there will be repairs that come up unexpectedly. However, in most states, if the seller is not honest about the condition of their home and the state of repair — or disrepair — then they may be financially liable for repairs and damages, even after the buyer has signed the mortgage and moved in. There are no “lemon laws” for residential homes like there are for vehicles that are sold in an undisclosed poor condition, but failure to disclose defects could have legal and financial repercussions and could end in a real estate dispute in court.
In some states, homeowners are required to fill out a formal document regarding the condition of their homes’ sewer, water, gas, and electric systems. They must also address any current ins

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