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How to Beat Your Traffic Ticket

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Drunk driving defense attorney

We live in a time when workers are expected to have a reliable form of transportation. Driving a car has become an unofficial rite of passage here in the U.S. that most of the adult population has a driver’s license. Since there are so many motorists on the road, it is likely that you may need legal aid at some point due to a felony or speeding ticket. If you need representation for any of the following, contact a traffic ticket attorney to beat your ticket!

Driving Unlicensed

There are nearly 200 million licensed drivers in the United States. Thanks to the legal system, law enforcement can monitor these drivers based on past offences and location. The American Automotive Association has found that unlicensed drivers are 66% more likely to be involved in a

What’s Right and Wrong with the Criminal Justice System

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Judge vaughn r. walker

The field of Criminal Justice is particularly relevant today in the United States and around the world, and has major social and economic concerns directly tied to it. Within the realm of criminal justice are concerns with the prison-industrial complex, police brutality, racism, discrimination, drugs, government spending, civil rights and big money.

In the U.S., the criminal justice system is designed to maintain social order, first and foremost. This means protecting citizens, preventing crimes, and containing those who threaten the freedom and safety of other citizens. There are many moving parts to this system, starting with law enforcement (police) and ending with correctional facilities.

When the police detect suspicious or dangerous activity, they take action against the potential threat(s) in

Common Marital Problems and Solutions to Consider Before Divorce

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Questions to ask a divorce attorney

There was once a time when marriage meant for life–but life is short and nearly half of all marriages in the U.S. will end in a divorce. There are an average of 46, 523 divorces filed each week in the United States; that is about 6,646 divorces filed every single day. Since divorces are often stressful affairs that involve how to choose a divorce lawyer and potential child custody battles, many couples often try to work through their marriage before filing for divorce. Here are some of the most frequent marital problems and solutions before considering divorce.

A recent survey has revealed that poor communication

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