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Three Details That Factor Into the Punishments of a DWI Conviction

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Raleigh dwi attorney

When it comes to drunk driving laws in the state of North Carolina, the penalties of getting caught driving while intoxicated can be pretty serious. According to the state’s legislation, a DWI arrest is based off the driver’s BAC (blood alcohol content) percentage, and a couple other factors:

  • .08% BAC for drivers over 21
  • .04% BAC for drivers over 21 and operating a commercial vehicle
  • .04% BAC for drivers over 21 who have received a previous DWI conviction after July 1, 2001
  • Any trace of alcohol for drivers under 21

Although the punishments for a drunk driving

How Small Businesses Can Fight Patent Infringement

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Managing intellectual property

Those who follow tech news regularly have likely heard about the various smartphone makers battling over patents. Lawsuits between companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, Motorola, and others crop up over issues like phone design or the creation of smartphone apps. These cases often involve billions of dollars in costs for patent litigation attorneys, and legal decisions on patents can take years to make.

For small businesses, however, the costs and length of time it takes to fight a case of intellectual property theft can present serious obstacles, and most don’t have the billion-dollar budgets of large corporations. As a result, a small or even medium-sized business could easily fail if burdened with legal troubles over intellectual property laws.

What is intellectual property law? I

Why Cache, a Women’s Apparel Retailer, Filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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Difference between chapter 7 and chapter 11 bankru

Women’s apparel retailer Cache has announced it will be seeking bankruptcy protection through the Chapter 11 bankruptcy timeline — becoming the fifth U.S. retailer in a three-month span to seek help with filing bankruptcy.

According to a February 4 Reuters article, Cache has faced several challenges in recent years, including dropping mall traffic, growing competition from more affordably-priced retailers, online shopping’s continued expansion and reduced teen spending on clothing.

With the help of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney, the New York-based Cache will be seeking to auction off its assets and will be getting debtor-in-possession financing of about $22 million Salus Capital Partners LLC. This financing will be subject to the bankruptcy court’s approval.

A Short Guide to Understanding Motorcycle Accidents

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When do you call a personal injury attorney

According to data gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are an estimated 5.5 million car accidents every year in the United States. These accidents result in about 40,000 deaths and another three million injuries. Some of these accidents involve motorcycles, and the sheer volume of these accidents and injuries is one of the reasons that traffic matters account for most of the lawsuits in America — many of them are personal injury lawsuits. Here’s what you need to know about motorcycle crashes.

1. Motorcycle Accidents Can Happen Easily
There are a couple of reasons that motorcycle accidents can happen so easily. Since they can be easier to maneuver than a car, riders sometimes break traffic laws like speeding and splitting lanes,

Three Questions to Ask a Potential Personal Injury Lawyer

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Marijuana car accidents

If you’ve been in an accident and suffered an injury as the result of someone else’s negligence, you probably already know that you need to hire a lawyer. After the accident, you should make sure to document as much evidence as you possibly can and keep clear records of your losses to help ensure that your case goes well, but it’s also important to hire a local personal injury lawyer since laws can vary by area. A local personal injury lawyer is also going to be easier to communicate with and may know other local resources that can help you. Hiring the right lawyer is key, and here are a few questions you need to ask.

1. What is your ex

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